In the future if you can look after yourself, you will be expected to do so

We all take risks every day. Most of the time we don’t give it a second thought – it’s only when something goes wrong that we’re reminded that risk was there all along. Life's risks are many
and varied:

  • Spending too much on a car and not having enough for your holiday
  • A bread winner dying or becoming disabled
  • Reaching retirement without enough savings - or without paying off your mortgage
  • Investments that don’t perform as you expect

Financial planning means identifying and managing life's risks to give you the best chance of achieving your financial and life goals. We can help you develop a plan that will work for you.

We guide people towards achieving their financial and life goals

Whatever your goals: reliable retirement income, to grow and protect your wealth, to own a debt-free home … we can help. As comprehensive financial planners we focus on the big picture, aiming to make sure your needs can be met in a range of related areas: financial management, insurance, retirement, estate and tax planning, and investments.

We only work for you

Our focus is always on you and your needs. Because we prefer to work for fees rather than commissions you can be confident that we are working in your interests. This can also mean that our advice costs you less than it would elsewhere.

S J Hassan & Associates Ltd, trading as Hassan & Associates, is a privately owned financial advisory company owned by its senior advisory staff. See our Disclosure statements (PDS and SDS) for more details.




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Our Charities

We understand the importance of the need for children, youth and young adults to feel safe, respected and fulfilled. This is why we support these two charities:

Catwalk Trust - Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust

Graeme Dingle Foundation

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