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Once we understand your needs for income and or growth, your time horizon, your attitude to and capacity for risk, we can help you build an investment portfolio to meet your needs.

We take our role as trusted advisers seriously, working for fees
and rebating all forms of commission for longer-term investments

We follow a disciplined process and access a wide variety of research from sources like FundSource, the Reserve Bank, NZX, international stock exchanges, and a range banks and stock brokers.  We consult and share research with a group of other New Zealand firms which advise clients on investment worth more than $400 million. Through this group we also contract an independent investment analyst to assist with asset allocation and other research.  We review asset allocation benchmarks and watchlist securities regularly, ensuring that our focus stays firmly on the best outcomes for clients.

We minimise costs by preferring listed, wholesale and tracker funds, by rebating all commissions, and by using the Aegis "wrap" service to assist with custody, portfolio administration and reporting.  The net result is that our clients' total costs are reduced by 2% or more a year compared to costs using master funds or retail managed funds.

Client portfolios consist of a mix of income and growth assets that reflects each clients’ situation and needs.

Income assets are currently in cash and low-risk fixed interest: NZ Government and local authority stock, and bonds issued by large banks and corporations. We restrict ourselves to bonds with “investment grade” ratings from Standard & Poor’s (ratings between AAA and BBB-) and use a spread of maturity dates to further reduce any risks.

Growth assets (investments like property and shares) are essential in most longer-term portfolios. The engine room for long-term returns, they also provide important protection against inflation. In normal market conditions each client portfolio has between 5 and 20 diversified growth assets, in a mix that matches the client’s needs. We prefer:

  • Wholesale and/or retail managed funds
  • Listed companies and trusts in NZ, Australia and the UK
  • Listed index securities (“tracker funds”) in NZ, Australia, the UK and the US

This allows us to minimise costs while ensuring that portfolios are widely diversified, whilst remaining liquid and flexible.

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We understand the importance of the need for children, youth and young adults to feel safe, respected and fulfilled. This is why we support these two charities:

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