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Serious Options For Health Insurance

The groundwork of all happiness is health

Accuro is a New Zealand owned health insurer that has been providing medical insurance since 1971.  

We don’t usually promote providers of financial products, but we are sufficiently happy with what we have seen at Accuro to promote them directly this way.

As a not-for-profit owned by its policy holders (members), with low premiums, an excellent product range, personal service and real member benefits Accuro is an obvious choice for many Kiwis.  There’s no upper age limit for Accuro cover, and they also have good plans for non-residents.  Consumer magazine has rated Accuro cover highly (click here for an example).  And you can apply online simply by clicking one of the links below.  If you arrange health insurance online using a link on this page, we will not charge you a fee.  Accuro give us up to 30% of your first year’s premium as an initial commission, plus ongoing commissions of up to 15% of future premiums as these are paid.  These commissions do not affect the premiums you pay.

If you already have health cover be careful: changing insurers usually means you lose cover for pre-existing conditions.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  

No cover, or want to compare?

If you are a NZ resident with no health cover, or if you do have cover but you simply want to compare prices, click here.

Cover for a non NZ resident?

If you are interested in arranging health cover for a non-NZ-resident, click here.

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Our Charities

We understand the importance of the need for children, youth and young adults to feel safe, respected and fulfilled. This is why we support these two charities:

Catwalk Trust - Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust

Graeme Dingle Foundation

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