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Ensuring financial certainty at times of personal upheaval

Life is full of risks. Some must be accepted. Some can be avoided. Others should be managed. Insurance is often the best way to manage risks associated infrequent events with large financial consequences.

We can advise and help you with life, lump sum disability, trauma, income protection and health insurance.

We will help you decide how much cover you need, fit the cost to your budget, adjust your existing cover – or arrange new cover – as required.

You should not pay more for insurance that you have to. Most of our clients pay less for their insurance than they would elsewhere. This is because we prefer to charge fees instead of accepting initial commission for insurance work.

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Our Charities

We understand the importance of the need for children, youth and young adults to feel safe, respected and fulfilled. This is why we support these two charities:

Catwalk Trust - Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust

Graeme Dingle Foundation

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