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Investments usually are, or eventually become the core of a successful financial plan.

Sensible investing requires patience and self discipline: often what an investor feels like doing is just the wrong thing.  A professional adviser can help you avoid the twin traps of fear and greed: the biggest causes of investment failure.

Retired investors often need income from their portfolio to top up their NZ Super and other resources.  They may also need capital growth so that their investment portfolio (and the income it produces) can grow with inflation. 

Someone who is working may be focused only on growing their capital.

All investments involve risk (meaning uncertainty or volatility) 

Investments that produce most of their return as income (income assets) tend to be safer (ie, more predictable) over the short term.  Investments focussed on capital growth (growth assets) are riskier (ie, more uncertain, volatile) over the short-term but tend to produce better long-term returns. 

Investments do not generally reward the impatient.  Investment planning always involves a trade off between risk and return.

Getting the right mix of income and growth asset is crucial.  So is careful diversification.  But before we can provide investment advice we need a clear understanding of your time horizon, income needs and risk profile. This is the only way to be sure of developing an investment strategy that can meet your needs.

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