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Most people support themselves for 40 years or more, then retire needing income for another 10, 20 or 30 years. 

Saving for Retirement
It pays to start building a retirement nest egg early, but it’s never too late to start.  The first step for most people is to join KiwiSaver.  Click here to find out more about KiwiSaver and how we can help.  

It is also important to get mortgage and other debt under control.  You can save thousands by paying your mortgage faster.  You may also be able to use mortgage costs to reduce your tax.  Click here for advice on these areas.  

New Zealand Superannuation is a great start for those over 65.  Click here to find out about NZ Super

Most people want more than NZ Super in retirement.  Once any debt is under control you should use surpluses to build a diversified portfolio of investments.  Click here to learn about building a sound investment portfolio and how we can help.

Planning a comfortable retirement
To supplement NZ Super, KiwiSaver and other savings, you may have a business or investment property to sell.  You may also release capital by moving to a smaller home or a retirement village, or using a home equity release scheme.   We can help you develop a retirement plan that takes account of these things. 

We will allow for the kind of transition to retirement you want, (retirement at a particular age, or gradual retirement over a number of years).  We can help you develop a retirement budget, and structure your investments to produce the income you want while also protecting you from inflation.

Try our simple Retirement planning calculator (save to your compouter before opening)

Try our simple KiwiSaver Account calculator (save to your compouter before opening)

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