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In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes. (Benjamin Franklin)

Most people want to pay as little tax as they can.  We are not tax specialists but we work closely with our clients' accountants and lawyers where there are opportunities to reduce the impact of tax on investments and in other areas.

The company tax rate recently fell to 28%. Personal tax rates have also changed.  Click here for details of personal tax and ACC rates.

There have also been major changes to the way investments are taxed.  On the whole these were major improvements, and most investors now pay less tax.  The changes were in three main areas:

  • NZ investors in local and most Australian shares now pay tax only on distributions.
  • The FDR (Fair Dividend Rate) rules mean that investors with more than $50,000 in foreign equities now pay tax only on the first 5% of their total returns.
  • The PIE (Portfolio Investment Entity) regime has replaced the unfair rules that used to apply to most NZ managed funds.  If a fund qualifies as a PIE investors now pay tax at their marginal rate, which is capped at 30%.  PIE's also benefit from the new rules for investors in NZ and most Australian shares - and pay a flat 5% pa tax on foreign equity investments.

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